Westside Mechanical Contracting

Westside Mechanical Contracting Pty Ltd is a DTPI category 1 Government prequalified contractor for projects over 2.5 million dollars and specializes in air conditioning and mechanical services installations for commercial, industrial and government applications. The Westside project construction success is complimented and supported in the defects liability period by our service and maintenance company, Westside Services (SA) Pty. Ltd.

Our ability to continuously deliver quality solutions through all stages of a project’s life cycle is the difference between Westside Mechanical Contracting and others in this industry.

Our experience and success has been built on our ability to effectively co-ordinate and sequence work in both new developments and within occupied spaces. A high percentage of successful projects have been undertaken within fully functional and operational buildings where stringent client’s demands and requirements are evident every minute of the project.

Two areas of particular strength of our company are the dedicated and customer focused people and the high level of quality delivered throughout the entire project. All projects regardless of dollar value are delivered with the same level of co-operation and co-ordination involving all project stakeholders. The end result is that we completely meet our client’s value and quality requirements.

In keeping with our policy of open and inclusive business practices we can give assurance we have the total support of our team primarily being our client base, financiers, suppliers and specialist sub-contractors to successfully undertake major mechanical services projects. In reaching this point we have placed a strong emphasis on the following areas.


An important part of the Westside business development philosophy is to form strategic relationships with our clients, specialist sub-contractors and suppliers who form an important part of our business. On the basis that successful relationships are reciprocal, Westside actively seeks to continuously learn about other industries and markets. We understand the business of networking with clients, associates and contacts so we can provide as many business opportunities to others as we seek for ourselves.

Industry Certification & Accreditation

In demonstrating our ability to professionally deliver major projects Westside Mechanical Contracting Pty. Ltd. is certified and accredited in accordance with the following:

Award Winning Performance

Westside Mechanical Contracting Pty Ltd is also the recipient of a number of awards, including Master Building Excellence Awards for “Excellence in Building Services”.

Design Drafting

Our team of in house and specialist contract drafters have a defined approach to the co-ordination and working drawing process. Closely managed to a tight quality control system assuring consistency in our approach provides the best start possible for projects undertaken. As a leading major services contractor we recognize the industry move to Building Information Modelling (BIM). Our drafting office utilizes 3D capability using ‘Revit’ operating software, and have experienced modellers capable of the most detailed project requirements.