By engaging our industry in a positive, professional and innovative manner, we will grow the Westside Group’s reputation, financial resources, and knowledge while providing unparalleled value added services. Building a foundation of trust through cooperative contracting ensures a client base that will support our businesses well into the future.

Our group culture lies within our staff who are purposefully chosen not just for their experience and skills but for their character and persona as well. Our philosophy is of hassle free contracting and the way our people conduct themselves when representing the company reflects our goals of the highest standards in all construction related activities.


Westside Group companies have a proud record of outstanding work place safety. This is not by chance. Rather, it’s a reflection of our emphasis of employee safety through effective policies and procedures developed over time. Our OH&S Manager works with staff at all levels, ensuring a safe working environment in our work places through partnerships, communication and mutual obligation. Our Health & Safety Policy statement reflects safety goals and objectives. All of our work place safety systems have been certified in accordance with ISO 45001:2018. Click here for our ISO 45001:2018 Work Place Safety Certificate


The provision of quality in our projects and consistency in our management systems is of vital importance to us. To this end, Westside Group companies have had their quality management systems certified to ISO 9001:2015. Click here for our AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certificate and here for our Quality Policy Statement.


The Westside Group believes that a commitment to sound environmental management fits comfortably into our groups vision and philosophies on other matters including professionalism, innovation, ethics, etc. and supports our company culture of responsibility and ownership. Click this link to view our Environmental Management Policy. In demonstrating our commitment we sought and achieved third party certification to the Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) code 2013 for each operational Westside Group company. Click here for our QHSE Code 2013 certificate.


Sound financial performance is achieved by working together with financial and accounting professionals using an open business policy. Westside has demonstrated through pure financial performance that our business is sound and credit worthy. The resultant relationship includes Westside as a corporate banking customer. This provides us with access to the facilities you would expect at this level including the ability to provide the necessary contractual securities required for major projects.


It’s important to be involved in our trade. We are members of the following leading industry associations:

  • Master Builders Association (MBA)
  • Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA)
  • Australian Services Group (ASG) – Division of AMCA
  • Plumbing Industry Association – (PIA)
  • Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning & Heating (AIRAH)
  • The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
  • Australian Industry & Defence Network – (AIDN)

Our clients are concerned about their buildings’ mechanical services systems from both a performance and running cost perspective, so they must run at a premium level. These “green” goals can be accomplished only when a building’s mechanical services systems are properly commissioned, tested and balanced. Westside recognizes this importance and are committed to commissioning all of our installations to a high standard.The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) is the world’s premier international certification association for firms that deliver high performance building systems. Westside holds company NEBB certification and our commissioning technicians are NEBB qualified. Click here for a copy of our NEBB Certification