From humble beginnings in 1998 the Westside Group has evolved into a diverse group of companies specializing in HVAC (Air-conditioning), Industrial Plumbing building maintenance, services and associated specialist manufacturing. Recognising the benefits of strength in association, we have continuously supported our various industry associations at both a member and board level. With an ongoing view to improvement, we are proud to have been recently accepted for membership to the Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN).

Westside Group has provided specialist HVAC and Industrial Plumbing services and operations to projects such as;

Involvement in these projects, and many more, has allowed Westside Group to build a Defence ‘Pedigree’ over the years. Formalizing these learnt skills with DISP Accreditation, appropriate personnel security clearances and supplemented by our AIDN Membership, is integral to our defence readiness and strategy initiatives.